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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Okay, I just read an article on the National Geographic webpage about a beagle puppy being trained to sniff out Burmese Pythons in the Everglades. Do you know why there are Burmese Pythons in the Everglades? BECAUSE for some idiotic reason, people think that these pythons when they are babies, are cute. I have to say that I would argue that point, but whatever. Anyway, they buy them, then baby grows into some kind of monster sized killer that you only see in movies, and the loving owners dump the snake into the Everglades. Sure you can see where someone might believe that there is no harm in putting a snake in a swamp. Well, lets think about this. Chances are extremely high that when you do something, you aren't the first or the last person to think of doing it. Point in case; the Everglades. The pythons are breeding and taking over the swamp, happily munching away on little critters who live only in the Everglades, and otherwise taking up the space that snakes natural to the Everglades need to survive. Talk about making an imbalance in an ecosystem!

How about the whole idea that pytons make good pets? I have personally never seen the value in a relationship with something that could potentially turn me into next week's meal. Sure, every now and then as my large dog munches on a huge cow femur and I hear it crack into shards, well, it does cross my mind to consider how many pounds of pressure those efficient jaws can exert. However, in reality, the likelyhood of my pooch deciding that the family looks tasty is rather far fetched. On the other hand, does a snake even "think"? I don't know. I would suppose that it is a primative being and simply does what it needs to in order to survive. Would the snake even pause to consider when an owner tells it to stop, or stay? Hmmm.. I'll take my chances with my wolf-like companion, at the very least she will stop when commanded and THEN decide to do it anyway. That pause might be all the safety net that one might need!

One more thing; what is the deal with the government of this country allowing pythons to be imported by the thousands? Does anyone monitor just how many snakes cross our borders yearly? Why is this legal? It just seems to me that of all the things that our country regulates; one of my preferences would be that snakes just plain and simple are not a regular or even occasional import. I'm all for people having pets, and certainly I even recommend that people have pets, but do you need a snake? I guess I must be missing something, since I'm having a hard time picturing snuggling on the sofa with my 16 foot python after a long day at work.


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