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Friday, February 11, 2005

Dog Food?

Today, I had one of those Aha! moments. About Troi (the dog) and what she eats. I know, I have a really exciting life. :) No really, why do we feed dogs kibble? Anyone?... Ahhhh..because we always have, and that is what you feed your dog, right? Wrong! What would your dog be eating if it were a wild dog? Birds, mice, bugs and squirrels, that's what. Take a look at your ingredients on the bag of dogfood in your house. What is one of the first ingredients? Wheat? Corn? Rice? Now, I have to ask you, just where would a dog harvest rice? I know what you are thinking; modern dog, modern food. I am having the hardest time coming to terms with that. Think of the diseases that our so called modern dog has been diagnosed with, oh, just in the last ten years. Is this the result of being able to identify the diseases? Or maybe people are vetting their pets more than in the past. Maybe, but I would suggest to you that the immune system, well really the whole dog has been compromised by the feeding of commercial food. When did we as consumers become so naive? Really, do you think that the dog food manufacturers have your dog's health in mind or their wallet? Do YOU eat one thing day in and day out? A dog eating the supposed "nutritionally sound" commercial dog food every single day of its life would be the equal of you drinking the same protein shake for every meal of every day the rest of your life. I'm not talking about flavor here, I'm talking about the value of the food. Would you be comfortable with the claim that a particular drink can give you all the nutrition you need and you just don't need to eat anything else?

Okay, I'm not selling here, I'm kind of venting. I feel sort of dumb that it has taken me until now to figure this thing out. I mean, even your vet will recommend a bagged kibble, right? And just WHY does he promote a particular brand. Well, you figure it out.

I think Troi's quality of life is about to change for the better. The raw food begins tomorrow. I am excited and can't wait to see if she responds in the positive manner that I fully expect she will. It really only makes sense to feed raw foods to your dog, the wolves aren't gathering around the campfires roasting rabbits and deer these days are they?

Just something for you to "chew" on. Pun fully intended.


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